Butterfly Nebula
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2211 Seminole Dr SW, Studio 107
Huntsville, AL 35805
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Kana Clark (Melty Space Case Art) loves all things space, art and nature. Growing up around the world with an artist mother, she was exposed to various forms of art and expression, spanning many different cultures. She finds her most creative voice stems from the ever expanding universe and all of the wonders within it. From the tiniest quark to the vast ocean of space, inspiration is all around and within us.

Always the rebel, she preferred the freedom of being a self taught artist, absorbing and experimenting with all types of art. In her epic creative quest, Kana journeyed through all the different lands of mediums, absorbing, experimenting and learning all along the way. When she found herself in the encaustic forest, she knew her search had ended and a new journey had begun. Her true love is painting nebulas and planets in the encaustic style with beeswax, resin and pigments. On a typical day you will find her in the studio, working hard to create and express various thoughts and ideas.

"I like to think each encaustic piece has its own life story, every layer of wax building who it will become and what it wants to say/reveal. Each work has a life journey and is just like our own, often full of nicks, scrapes and scars. The layers in between the start and finished end are the most important parts, and yet those in between parts are often never seen."

  • Washed Over
  • Rush
  • Black Hole 1
  • Swan Nebula
  • Witch Nebula
  • Exoplanet HD189773b

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