Arts Huntsville’s Binary Bands

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What does this say?!?! A computer knows exactly what it says!binary
Did you know that a computer speaks a language? Even though we type on a computer in English, French, Spanish and all other languages that humans speak and write, a computer actually uses its own language to produce the information you see on the screen. That language is called Binary Code.
Humans use letters, numbers, symbols, signs and sounds. We use our senses. Computers use zeroes and ones only.
Binary means “two” – Binary code appears as zeroes and ones (0 and 1) – these are the only two digits used in Binary Code.
Code, or coding, is transformation from one representation to another. The zeroes and ones in Binary Code are translated into letters and numbers, and even pictures.
Each letter in binary code has special sequence of 8 zeroes and ones. The chart below shows the alphabet in binary code. Each digit in binary code is called a “bit.”

The chart below translates the zeroes and ones into dark and light boxes. This chart is easier to follow when coding your Binary Band.

When you are trying to write letters in computer language, you are encoding. This is the process of turning a letter into its special sequence of zeroes and ones. When you build your Binary Band at Panoply, you are encoding a word into zeroes and ones.
This is encoding the word PANOPLY
P 01010000
A 01000001
N 01001110
O 01001111
P 01010000
L 01001100
Y 01011001
When you see something in binary code and transform it back to its letter, you are decoding. You may look around the festival and see other binary bands and try to decode the binary band.
What does this say? You can use the charts above to help you.
0100 1000
0101 0101
0100 1110
0101 0100
0101 0011
0101 0110
0100 1001
0100 1100
0100 1100
0100 0101
The word above, shown in binary code, spells “Huntsville.”
After making studying the charts above, do you notice anything interesting patterns in the binary code alphabet? Compare letters A-O with letters P-Z. The letters A-O begin with the same sequence, 0100, and letters P-Z begin with 0101.

You can use this website to translate anything into Binary Code:

Here are some videos that explain binary code:

Some of this information is from Thinkersmith: