Who, What, Where Art

Visual Arts

I am a self-taught artist who creates hand drawn art collages using ink and colored pencils of the states, cities and towns of the Southeast in a fun and whimsical style. My goal was to represent the people, places and things that make up these areas in a way that allows people to laugh and reminisce. Currently my pieces are carried as prints and postcards in various locations such as the Governor’s Mansion Gift Shop in Montgomery, Huntsville/Madison County Visitor’s Center, Franklin, Tennessee Visitor’s Center, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame as a sample of the many venues my pieces are carried. I also create life collages, pet portraits and have recently began creating an line of hand painted jewelry that mimics geological formation and semi-precious stones found in nature.

Artist Statement

Over the years I have acquired the zeal for traveling and seeing the many sites and wonders of local and regional areas and it has been a huge inspiration for my artwork. The research going into each of my collages can be just as much fun and exhilarating as creating the piece as I imagine what each scene will look like on that blank piece of paper in front of me before its permanently placed. My choice of medium for the collages is ink and colored pencils which allow me to create intricate detail for each piece. Typically colored pencil artwork is fairly small due to the time it takes to place the pigment on the piece compared to acrylic or oil paint but I decided from the start that I wanted my pieces to be large format. The large size of the pieces allows me to incorporate all of the scenes I want to include while lending the entire collage to be extremely aesthetic from a distance to draw people in closer to look at the smaller details of the piece. I intend for each individual scene to stand alone as its own art piece that flows into the entire collage to make it come alive in an exciting and fun creation.