Linda Hisaw

Visual Arts

Thank you for taking your time to view my art!
By day I am a teacher with Huntsville City Schools. And, while I find great satisfaction in teaching, I long to paint.
The longer I paint, the more I see that almost everything has the potential of being a painting.
Painting has opened doors for me, and helped me on my journey of early widowhood and finding my ‘new normal’.
My hope is that the depth, colors, and layers in my pieces lead you into and beyond the work itself and bring as much joy to the viewer as I had creating it.

Artist Statement

My paintings are done in oils on canvas – in an impasto style with themes of landscapes, seascapes, nudes, angels, faces, and local buildings – drawing inspiration from both the natural and supernatural realms.
I am happiest when I paint – forgetting to eat, sleep, etc.
As I look at the world, I view every day scenes as paintings, noticing how the light hits objects and what color combinations are needed to mix the colors I see.
At times when I should be listening to a speaker or paying attention in a meeting, my mind wonders to an object and there at a boring meeting, I’ve put it on a canvas in my mind.
I have friends who paint with great emotion, expressing and releasing the pain deep within.
However, when I paint, I find myself smiling, and I feel so fortunate that I have found this outlet that brings me true joy.