Lightning and Lace LLC

Visual Arts

Emmie Mayne is owner and design lead at Lightning and Lace, a cosplay and prop studio located in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. She is an award-winning graphic artist and holds a bachelors in Industrial Design from Auburn University.

Turning her passion for cosplay into a career, Lightning and Lace was born from the desire to bring new technology and traditional handcrafting together to create high quality pieces.

Artist Statement:
My current focus is laser cutting, where the variety of materials let me create very complex designs in a very controlled way. I cut, etch, stack, and bond acrylic together to create jewelry, accessories, or small props. With such fun, versatile materials, I’m able to create an incredible amount of designs, and also meet the needs of my clients in a cost-effective and timely way.

You can find me in Lowe Mill’s Studio #129 during open hours or by appointment.

2211 South Seminole Drive SW, Studio 129
Huntsville, Alabama 35805