Gallery Gig

Individual Artist

211 Ward Ave NE
Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 333-0331

Gallery Gig creates new physical locations for the visual arts community to market and sell their art. Having an on-line art advocate for each work means you don’t require a person present to close the sale. This is really good news for cafe’s, hotels or any local business thinking about showing local art! It’s also good for Art Galleries! No extra work, no change to their in-store sales approach or profits but it gives them a whole new avenue for art lovers to find them and buy the art in their store.

Art lovers, collectors or anyone searching for local art or an artist, to do work for them, will be able find them on Gallery Gig, see their gallery, find out where they are showing in town or purchase their art on line.

It’s also a social media dream for artists and art venues. Gallery Gig sends notices out whenever an artist sets up at a venue in town, promoting the artist and the venue. Each account has unlimited links back to their websites & social media pages and unlimited space to show off their art.