Charmed Heirlooms by Cassey Harrell

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a dog that we rescued who is our little buddy. I am a simple person. I love simplicity that is found in life. I love to see creativity in things and love to create things myself. I believe in the fact that if you can’t buy it, create it. My husband laughs at all the things that I talk to him about that I want to build or create. I am the world’s worst about going to Lowe’s and imagining all that I can with the things inside there.

I also love to do a vegetable garden and love to plant flowers around my home. Taking hikes and being in the woods is one of my favorite things as well. I love to travel and will hopefully add more trips to my book of life but will have to find the time for that.

I now have a studio at Lowe Mill and being there really helps my creativity thrive. Its not just the artists around me that give me inspiration to create but also the building. There’s is just something about the mill that makes me want to grow more into my creativity. Its a wonderful place to me and I dearly love being there.

Artist Statement
I have always wanted to learn the art of chain maille Weaves. Growing up, I had this fascination with medieval history and wanted to know more about chain maille and each weave. I just wanted to learn how to make it and wanted to incorporate a sweet elegance into timeless jewelry pieces. I love adding different ideas and other techniques to the jewelry I make. The acid etched pieces are the newest techniques I have learned and added to my jewelry. To me, it makes the chain maille pop out more to eye and it’s more of a compliment than a focal point on my pieces. I want my pieces to be special and elegant to the wearer. I want the eye to feel that it’s not just a form of armor protection or hard to the eye but something that is soft, simple and classic. I want to show the softer side of chain maille and how it can be made into beautiful pieces that can be handed down to generations to come. It’s a wonderful feeling creating pieces out of metal for me. I like to be able to not design a piece for a specific nature but to let it come alive from just playing and tinkering with the metal.