Alan Montgomery

Visual Artists

2415 Tamera Drive SW
Huntsville, AL 35803-2095

(256) 426-1825

I began photographic journey as a medium formant photographer in 1962 when I was selected to be Lead Photographer on my High School Year book. Since then my photographic pursuits have taken me around the world from Viet Nam, Hawaii, the United Kingdom, the European continent, and throughout the American West. As a field photographer my primary photographic concentration has been in Landscape, and Nature and Wildlife Photography.

My works have been in the Huntsville Museum of Art and at the Von Braun Civic Center. I converted to digital photography in 1998 and began showing my works publicly in 2005. I am a member of the Huntsville Photographic Society, the North Alabama Photographers Guild, The Southern States Photography Club, the North American Nature Photography Association, and the Photographic Society of America.