Cosmic Crowns


A Panoply 2015 Interactive presented by

national space club





Many, many years ago there was no sun; there were no planets, there was no Earth or Moon. There was only gas. A lot of it. The gas turned slowly, around and around like a gigantic flat dish. Slowly the gas was pulled by gravity and stuck together forming a giant ball of gas in the center – our Sun. The sun was not the only ball of gas that formed. Some little bits of gas were not pulled all the way to the center to be part of the sun. These little bits of gas stayed around the outside of the center and formed their own gas balls (the planets), including Earth. Some of the planets formed little balls of gas of their own called moons. Our Earth has one moon.

Because the gas started out as a flat dish, the balls that formed from that gas stayed on that dish and continue to rotate around the center (the Sun). That is why all the planets and moons can be found on an imaginary flat sheet going through the center of the sun. That’s why your head can be the sun and all the planets can form a crown around it.

cosmic crowns






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Prepared by: Huntsville, AL L5 Society (HAL5)