Planned Public Art Needs Participants


Here’s your chance to be a part of Huntsville’s newest public art piece, “We Gather Here To Honor…”. The community is invited to literally make a mark, in the form of footprints, on this beautiful work of art to be installed in downtown Huntsville’s beautiful Twickenham Square.

The Twickenham Square development is new to the area, but long before it was built, the location was home to Councill Courts and was just a short walk from there to the 5th Avenue School and Councill High School – all important landmarks for African American education in Huntsville and locations we shouldn’t forget.

Huntsville Housing Authority worked to ensure this history would be remembered by securing funding for a public art project at Twickenham Square. The acclaimed African American artist Angelica Pozo will be in Huntsville from February 27 thru March 8 to work with the community to create this public art piece, which will be installed in the fall. She needs our help.


The public art piece – which will be titled “We Gather Here To Honor…” – will take the form of a sunflower, with the flower petals formed by our footprints. The Arts Council is working to schedule community members to leave their footprints on this piece of art.  They are specifically working to reach out to former Councill Courts residents and Councill High Students.  There are also individuals in the community who work tirelessly to further educational opportunities for all, and teachers, activists and community leaders are invited to participate, too.

The artist will be here soon, so please reserve a time slot to participate today by emailing Julie at or calling (256) 519-2787. It is FREE to participate.

We are also in need of volunteer artist assistants. There are short shifts available. Please email Julie at to sign up.