Sometimes, when the word ‘art’ comes up, the next word that comes to people’s minds is ‘waste.’ Waste of time to major in the arts. Waste of money to buy supplies. And a waste of materials that go into producing art (just ask any ballet dancer how many pointe shoes s/he goes through in a year or ask an artist how many sketches s/he throw away). However, there are art organizations right here in Huntsville that are working to save and preserve Alabama’s environment through the arts. That’s right! When you support the following Arts Huntsville members, not only will you have a fabulously artistic time, but you’ll make Mother Earth happy too:

1.      Land Trust of North Alabama

This organization has 6 properties all over North Alabama where you can go hiking, camping, and learn about wildlife through their educational programs (a fun time for all ages). Land Trust also hosts two outdoor events every year to raise money to preserve our natural Sweet Home Alabama. Land Trust hosts a Three Caves Concert twice a year where local and Grammy-winning artists perform at the historic Three Caves. Tickets start as low as $50. They also host the annual Moon Dance featuring music, craft beer, and a local art auction. Grass grows, trees fall, and the wildlife needs to continue having clean fresh water. The funds from both events go toward preserving and keeping these properties clean. Attending these events or becoming a Land Trust member helps make that happen, including preserving our fresh water sources as well.

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2.     Huntsville Botanical Gardens

When you book your child’s next birthday party, school field trip, or have a family fun day at Huntsville Botanical Gardens, you’respending money not only for great memories, but to help keep these gardens growing. And helping these gardens grow doesn’t just give us a pretty place for wedding photos and the Galaxy of Lights, but it’s helping sustain our ecosystem. The bee population is endangered and with every new flower planted, we are giving bees a better chance of surviving.

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3.     Lowe Mill Farmers Market

To all the Huntsville hipsters on their way to vegetarianism and to my Roll Tide meat lovers, here’s a message to you on farmer’s markets: shopping at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment’s Farmers Market means you’re supporting local farmers and artisans, boosting our economy, and helping Alabama farmers grow more locally. The more you grow, the better for the environment! And while you’re adding that hand-made jam and barrel of strawberries to your reusable shopping bag, check out local artists’ work featured at the Artist Market at Flying Monkey Arts right next door. The Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 10 am- 12 pm from May 13- October 21 on their Water Tower East Lawn. Entrance is free, but bring some cash because some vendors don’t accept card. Did I mention they give out free samples?

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4.    Greene Street Market

There’s more than one place to support local farmers! The Greene Street Market is your downtown Huntsville one-stop-shop for fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and free-range chicken eggs! The Greene Street Market is located at the corner of Greene Street and Eustis Avenue in downtown Huntsville. It’s open every Thursday, 4 pm- 8 pm from May to October. Can’t make it on a Thursday? There is also an indoor Greene Street Market Store at 208 Eustis, open Mon-Fri 10 am-2pm, and during the market season, the store is open until 7 pm on Thursdays. Find a time that works for you to shop local while supporting local artists and farmers. Helping the environment never tasted so good.

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Sarah Haidar, Marketing & PR Intern

About the Author:

Sarah Haidar is a student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville studying English and Marketing. She is also a Marketing & PR Intern at Arts Huntsville and a writer for the Hampton Cove and Clift’s Cove Neighborhood magazines. She’s a 21-year-old who loves writing, learning about new cultures, and petting cats. She hopes to help advocate for girls’ education in the future.