Visual Arts

Angela True
16651 E Limestone Rd.
Harvest, AL 35749
(256) 431-4802

Angela True is a self trained abstract impressionism artist. that has studied under various artist throughout the years and continue to do so to satiate my endless curiosity for anything art!

Most of the teaching she does is one on one and out of either her home studio or her studio at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment # 2048 on the new North Wing. She usually starts a new student on a years course, 3 months basic drawing and perspective, 3 months basic pastel, 3 months basic acrylic painting and ending with 3 months basic oil techniques. If interested you may reach her through her website

A good portion of her work can be see hanging at through TAC at the Von Braun Civic Center and in upscale restaurants in Decatur, and various festivals such as Monte Sano..etc..

Previous shows include a large scale butterfly at The Botanical Gardens, Green wings and Butterfly Things. A chosen participate in the Athens community Calendar in 2012, and also a builder of a masquerade mask for the Space and Rocket center Masquerade Mask auction, for their Ball.

Currently a member of The Huntsville Artist focus group, The Arts Council and The Huntsville Art League. Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment in house resident artist, studio 2048.

Artist Statement:

Angela True is an imaginative painter tapped into a creative and spiritual force that feeds her art. Each painting is like a beautiful thread in a divinely woven pattern. The colors she chooses are rich, bright, crisp and deep with emotion. It is Angela’s greatest joy when someone connects with a piece. “I feel like I’mp painting these pieces not knowing who will be drawn to it and be made just a little bit more whole and fuller because of their connection.”You can’t look at her work and not be drawn into the mystical and dreamlike landscapes and visions of her current Series, “Dreamscapes.”

Her work also has encompassed a “Blues Singer “, series which was very successful.

Her chosen word for the year, “Optimism!” To be infused into all aspects of her life, mind, body, spirit and art.

Don Wolfe Fine Art Photography
1007 Mira Vista Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35802-3225
(256) 881-7511

I have been printing and selling my fine art photography since 2008 as a small business. I sell most of my work at art festivals, online, or through personal contacts, as I do not have a personal gallery. I often first publish new work on my Facebook page (DonWolfe Photos), then at for sale. Please visit to see my selections.

Artist Statement

Photography has been a lifelong hobby, and my professional involvement started as I neared retirement. After winning in several monthly Huntsville Photographic Society (HPS) competitions I decided to publicly show and was accepted to participate in the 2008 Panoply Arts Festival in Huntsville. Since then I have participated in numerous juried art festivals in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, and have received awards up to and including 1st Place. Local exhibitions have included solo exhibitor at the Huntsville Times Gallery, in the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, in the Von Brawn Center, in the Artistic Images Gallery, and at the Huntsville Art League.

My prints have hung in the Huntsville Mayor’s Office, in the Old Bank Building, in the Decatur Carnegie Visual Arts Center, and numerous businesses around Huntsville. Several of my photographs have hung in the Huntsville Museum of Art during its annual “50 Best” photographs of the HPS. My work has been published as a front page spread for “Valley Planet”, in a Monte Sano United Methodist Church calendar, and several photography books. I am a member of The Arts Council where my photography is often in their display area, and served on an Arts and Cultural Grant Panel. I am a former Executive Board Member of the Huntsville Art League.

Gina Percifull
(256) 655-4884

Gina Percifull was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 2005. Primarily a self-taught artist, Gina enjoyed art as a child, learning techniques in wood and pencil design from her father who worked in the drafting/printing fields.. Gina has been making art for 30 plus years and shows at festivals and solo exhibits throughout the southern United States.

Working primarily with reclaimed wood, Gina creates brightly colored, quirky paintings and assemblage pieces with a folk art flair. Additional works in paper mache and paper mache clay are in recent creations. Most recent works are inspired by a summer trip to the Grand Canyon, the animals and nature capturing the creative soul wanting to be unleashed in the art. Her beloved pet goats, dogs, and chickens offer endless inspiration for Gina’s work and life.

If you notice a different signature, it is due to a new discovery. Her grandfather seems to have changed the last name on the census in the early 1900’s from Pecival to Percifull. The signature Percival now shows up in fresh artworks over the last 2014 year and will continue.

Grace Harbin Wever, Ph.D.
1173 New Friendship Road
Union Grove, AL 35175
(256) 753-0099

Grace Harbin Wever is a mixed media artist, whose award-winning work is found in fine art galleries, and public and private collections throughout the U.S. Travelling exhibitions including her work have visited the CDC in Atlanta, Odyssey Museum in San Diego, Pfizer Headquarters in New York City, venues in England and Europe, and in 2015 the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC. Her collages incorporate brilliantly-colored layers of silk, hand-dyed cotton, paper, and metallic and synthetic materials. Iridescence and transparency bring additional light and airiness to her work, while encaustic wax and free-motion stitching embellish the design and add texture and three-dimensionality. Her work can be visualized on her website at

Wever often works in series creating narrative art that incorporates spiritual and literary themes. “On Wings of the Wind” is a 12-part series illustrating King David’s poetry. “Landscapes of the Mind and Spirit” is another series, with commentary in collaboration with Dr. Lois Pope and colleagues at Alabama Psychological Services Center in Huntsville, AL. The seven-part “Striking Stone” series illustrates a dream sequence, and was exhibited at Emory University in Atlanta as a group show with painter Reinaldo Vargas and photographer Charlie Harbin. “Within the Walls, Beyond the Gates” includes 20 works exhibited at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, CO, in 2013-2014.

Wever was selected as Huntsville’s 2013 Panoply Arts Festival Poster Artist. The artwork commissioned for this event, “Luminescence,” is permanently displayed at the Arts Council’s gallery in the Von Braun Center.

Prior to her career as an artist, Grace earned a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from Temple University. She was a fellow at Baylor Medical Center and the University of Rochester Medical Center, and a research faculty member at the Institute of Optics in Rochester, NY. At Eastman Kodak she was a bio-analytical laboratory director and environmental manager, then moved to KPMG Peat Marwick as senior manager in their Philadelphia and Denver offices. Wever chaired the Department of Commerce’s National Sea Grant Panel advising NOAA on coastal and marine research. She was a founder and first president of the Council of Great Lakes Industries, a bi-national public policy organization co-founded with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Her book, “Strategic Environmental Management,” published by John Wiley & Sons, has received international recognition.

Wever is married to Albrecht Wever, a prolific physicist, engineer and innovator. They have three children, David Wever, M.D., of Birmingham, Ingrid Marie Wever Felts, co-lead and vocalist with the Watters Felts Project of Huntsville, and Michael Wever, engineering director, in Dothan

Artist Statement
For the first five years of my life as an artist, I was consumed with the process of making art. Most likely this is because it was a time of miraculous discoveries and intensive learning, which delighted me as a former scientist and technical person. Happily, today, my perspective is different. I am attentive to an inner voice that guides my work. No, this is decidedly not a religious experience; but there is, nevertheless, a strongly spiritual impetus that both inspires and pervades my work. Many works are inspired by image-rich poetry from the Bible and other literary sources.

Perhaps you are now looking at one of my artworks, wondering how it is made. I do not start with a drawing, photograph, or mental image of the final product! I begin by walking restlessly around my studio, engaged in a mental and physical battle of sorts, focusing on the idea or verse that I am trying to interpret through imagery. Ideas for the piece begin to emerge; once the work process begins, things move rapidly. I begin with color, thus setting the emotional color temperature of the piece. I feverishly locate candidate textiles and begin a layout. My stash of perhaps a thousand fabrics includes silks, hand-dyed cottons, batiks, synthetics, metallic silks, cut velvets. Some of these are also translucent, iridescent, crinkled and otherwise textured. The cutting process is critical–first roughly, then finely, shaped pieces emerge, and with them, I create a jigsaw-like image. But unlike a real-world jigsaw puzzle, the pieces begin to overlap, and the image continues to evolve during the creation process. At some point, I begin to back each piece with an incredibly lightweight fusible web that requires heat for permanence. Most of my work is then panel-mounted, then framed, though some simply are suspended from artisan-fashioned wooden hangers. Finally, my work is lightly overcoated with an acrylic UV protectant varnish. As a former scientist, I confess that I still enjoy the experimental aspects of my work almost as much as developing its artistic content. Thus, the process itself continues to support and grow my artistry.

Most artists admit to the need for inspiration, and can become nearly catatonic when their Muse departs. I continue to be enthralled by the incomparable beauty of the real world wherever I choose to live. But it is only when I link these physical stimuli to the intangibility of the spiritual realm, informed by words and verses that touch my heart, that my soul permeates and transforms my work. Then, in turn, my art reaches out and powerfully embraces those who are open to receive these gifts

Hen House Art
4828 High Street
P. O. Box 23
Huntsville AL 35649
(256) 584-3717

I live and paint in Mooresville where inspiration for a painting is endless. Adding a theme, plus people and animals, to a painting of an antebellum building makes a delightful folk art painting. Should I say instead that I love to paint Mooresville. My studio is in the backyard of our home on High Street and was build by a doctor as his office in 1870.

Huntsville Photographic Society
Huntsville Photographic Society
c/o The Arts Council, 700 Monroe Street, SW, Suite 2
Huntsville, Alabama 35801-5579
(256) 519-2787

The Huntsville Photographic Society (HPS) is an organization dedicated to promoting the art and science of photography in Huntsville, Alabama, and the surrounding area through informative programs, member contests, and special events and informative and programs.

We meet the second and forth Monday of each month, except December, at 7 PM. Our usual meeting place is in the auditorium of the Madison County Huntsville Public Main Library auditorium located at 915 Monroe Street.

Visitors are always welcome and are encouraged to join. Annual dues are $30 for a family membership or $20 for individuals.

Please visit our web for more information and obtain a membership application.

Johanna Littleton
719 Bank Street NE, Studio B
Decatur, AL 35601
(256) 270-1110

“My reason for painting is to make you smile.”

I have Studio 2040 in the new North wing at Lowe Mill. I shared Studio 312 for five years so I’m enjoying more room to paint and show my work

Artist Statement

Acrylic mixed with archival mediums are my materials of choice in the “Families” series. The chance to portray emotions, or the lack of, with only the body’s attitude still intrigues me. I enjoy watching people passing by at art festivals and my studio window at Lowe Mill. Their remembered interactions play out in future paintings.

I am continuing to push my color palette in my “Mystery Garden” series. Flowers remembered from Java and Iran give me an opportunity to experiment with colors, values and “All Over” compositions.

Occasionally, I mix the two series because I loved “Alice in Wonderland” when I was young. Painting gives me a place for giant flowers without giant bugs!

My Family Series reminds us all to slow down and give faces to all we meet.

Laurie Popp
166 Hardy Rd
Pulaski, TN 38478
(931) 363-3459

I was born in Santa Barbara, CA, a magical place by the ocean. I regularly spent all of my allowance at the pet store downtown. I studied Materials Engineering in San Luis Obispo and then began a slow migration eastward to the hills of southern middle Tennessee.

I learned to use a great big brush, big cans of paint and an enormous canvas painting for the theater while our children grew. Now, I sculpt and paint the animals and their spaces with the wool and sticks and images that fill my life on our farm of little sheep and little cows.

Artist Statement

I work to share my peaceable feelings of animals and earth in my work by offering the textures, the materials and the presence that I have experienced in my life here on our farm.

It was in the forest that I found “the peace that passeth understanding” Jane Goodall

Leslie Wood Arts
296 Wiljoy Road
Lacey’s Spring, AL 35754
, ,
(256) 881-2246

Mixed media and jewelry artist

Lisa Fulton
134 Ridgecreek Drive
Gurley, AL 35748
(949) 533-5678

I am a painter living in rural northeast Alabama. My primary medium is acrylic paint, often adding strips of printed fabric. I paint, cut and assemble pieces of canvas and fabric to transform interesting forms into colorful images. I enjoy working with man-made, natural, and iconic forms that most people will recognize. But in the end, painting is a way to examine things that have an emotional hold on me – whether it is utilitarian objects I work with, houses from forgotten dreams, roadways I have traveled, or forms found in nature. Wherever my subconscious takes me, I want it to be beautiful there.

Recent juried art show participation
The Arts Council of Huntsville displays at the Von Braun Center; 2014, 2015
Cambridge, MA: Chroma National Juried Exhibition at Gallery 263, 2015
Palm Beach, FL: Contempo Exhibition at the Lighthouse Art Center; 2015
Atlanta, GA: Metro Montage at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art; 2014
Selma, AL: ArtsRevive Roots and Wings; 2014
Knoxville, TN: Arts and Culture Alliance National Exhibition; 2014

Artist Statement
I am a painter; my primary media are acrylic paints, inks, and strips of fabric.

Using soft materials and straight-edged subjects, I juxtapose candy-colored paint and engineered or utilitarian objects. I like topics that contain inherent contrasts, a dichotomy of useful purpose and intriguing design.

I enjoy working with man-made and iconic forms that most people will recognize. But ultimately, painting is a way to examine things that have a hold on my psyche. I was concerned with freeways and heavy traffic because of my job when I lived in southern California. Lately, I am working on paintings that depict houses and household appliances. Whatever the subject matter, the impetus and the result must be emotionally important.

MY Designs – Monica Yother
Lowe Mill, 2211 Seminole Drive
Studio 114 – First Floor
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 520-4134

Monica Yother is the MY in MY Designs, in case you were wondering. Since 1987 I’ve been designing branding, advertising and marketing materials on a daily basis. That adds up to a lot of experience in creative design. Included in that mix are years of experience as both Marketing Director AND Creative Director, with business development to boot.

I’m an artist, and when I am not designing for clients, I am painting either commissioned works or just because. Thank you for reading about my art below.

Artist Statement

Grace is an amazing word. I believe that Grace has the power to move and transform us, both literally and figuratively.

So what is grace? What does it look like? In a literal sense, there is the physical grace of a dancer or the arched neck of a horse. Other examples that appeal to me include organic shapes found in nature, from the bend of a blade of grass to the shape of a mature oak tree. Patterns created by spider webs lined by dew drops, or a field of wheat at dusk. All of these are examples of grace.

Then there is spiritual grace, which I feel is something beautiful that is unexpected and undeserved; like a second chance. I am drawn to art that is made of repurposed materials, old buildings that are given new life, or discarded objects that find new purpose. I would like to paint these things rather than assemble them. The act of painting or drawing something is for me acting out of this kind of grace.

This is the idea that I am drawn to – compelled by, really. I have experienced grace in my own life, and am continually amazed by it. Grace shines in darkness. Grace is a gift sometimes wrapped in unexpected ways, and very often overlooked. Grace came into my life in a dark time and to this day is the foundation of my faith. Now, when I look back on my life, I can see where Grace was always present, but I simply did not recognize it.

I want my art to explore Grace, celebrate it, and perhaps help someone recognize grace in their own life.

My Spirited Art
Classroom 217, Stone Center
2620 Clinton Ave. W
Huntsville , AL 35805
(256) 883-3353

Spirited Art is a completely original painting experience! Our talented instructors guide you step-by-step from blank canvas to your completed masterpiece. We offer adult classes nightly, classes for kids and families on weekends, and private parties anytime. We also offer kid camps, combo classes and are an excellent team building facility.

Don’t Drink the Paint Water Uncork your Creativity

Nicole Harper
(256) 270-1110

Individual artist and art education professional

Sandra Colwell Lasater / SC Lasater Art
2211 Seminole Dr.
Studio 2027 Lowe Mill
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 508-6860

My studio is located at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment Studio 2027 I am also currently serving as First Vice President of the Huntsville Art League which also located at Lowe Mill in Studio 2013.

Valley Planet, September 2014 Cover Photo and Bio

Artist Statement:

My life as a artist has been a total transformation to a new life – a metamorphosis that has been a true blessing and exciting journey. This journey began after watching so many people that I love succumb to cancer and old age. I did not want to waste a moment of my life and realized that I absolutely love immersing myself in a canvas of oils, pastels, acrylic and charcoal, creating a work of art from my heart.

My inspiration is the world in which we live. There are so many beautiful and unique people, animals, flowers and scenes that I am never at a loss as to what to paint. As I paint, I want to see these images in a new way, with vibrant colors and textures. Using soft pastels is a way to bring these colors to life and oils bring the texture and richness to the canvas that I so love.

As I am painting, I get lost in the serenity of creating something beautiful that will last for generations. It brings great joy and satisfaction when I reach the point in my peace when I see the very soul of the person or animal that I am painting. Each piece is an example of peace and relaxation. My goal for the viewer is to extend that peace and tranquility to them – as an escape to another time and place.

After so many years of raising children and caring for loved ones, I know that I am truly blessed to have found this hidden talent and I thank God. In all that I create, I will honor Him

Vacant 30x30
Huntsville, AL

(256) 714-1025

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I began painting at a young age. With an innate ability that was encouraged by an equally artistic mother, ten years ago I began to paint and truly dedicate myself to developing as an artist.

Finding inspiration in a bi-cultural background, a mixture of British and Spanish parents, it is this rich, contrasting and diverse merging of cultures and life experiences that fuel my creative process.

Inclined to satisfy a need for visual and aesthetic stimulation, my depictions are vivid, colorful and at times intricate compositions; decorative and playful metaphors that are centered around the inner exploration of emotions, desires, basic human needs and the urban stages in which such themes typically occur in.

An American for over twenty years, living in the South has in itself added a further source of inspiration. Whether it is mundane subject matters, objects extracted from our daily lives or more profound themes, my work connects me intimately with each piece, enabling me to share a part of my unique vision with others.

“It does not matter if someone completely understands what lies behind one of my images, that is not always possible, what I am most interested in, is how they react towards it. By providing a tangible reflection of the ideas and emotions I have, I hope to share them for a brief moment with the observer, realizing that simultaneously they are creating their own set of impressions… that is truly the amazing thing about this artistic endeavor…we can all look at the same thing, yet see & capture something completely different that only applies to us. That selfish moment that prompts us to linger, think and react is what I am fascinated with…”