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What to Expect

First and foremost, I believe in the power of the common touch. So don't be surprised if I step down off the platform to draw closer to the crowd. I am personal, present, and passionate. My top priority will be to make your audience feel like they are special guests.

The three main components of every talk are diversity, creativity, and care. Diversity is essential. It is my conviction that everyone, no matter their difference, can find themselves in my work. Creativity has a way of bypassing the intellect and penetrating the heart. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. With each keynote, I make it my mission to foster engagement that will breed care, connection, and creativity among the audience.


Toya Poplar is an author, speaker, literary midwife, and poet. She understands that she was designed to live creatively and invests her time and energy in encouraging others to do the same.

Toya leads a support group for creative entrepreneurs, hosts monthly silent writing retreats, bi-monthly diversity dinners, founded a self-care support group, and leads a care group that models the language of empathy. She also carves out time to ghostwrite for pastors, non-profits, and business leaders. Toya’s words, whether written or spoken, will motivate you to chase your dreams to fruition.

Family is her sanctuary, and having a healthy marriage and pouring love into her family is always a top priority. Married to her high school sweetheart of 21 years, together they are the grateful parents of six comprehensively creative children. It’s safe to say that the Poplar’s home life is about as colorful as the lipstick she wears.

  • Black Pearls: Self-care guide, vintage fashion, marital advice,& social commentary
  • Stop Write There Interactive Journal (Paperback Book)
  • Stop Write There Interactive Journal (Available on Audible)
  • Wifey Workshops: Course guide complete with coloring book pages
  • Poplar Art Productions: Non-fiction ghostwriting services
  • Save Our Sons Huntsville: Potluck, poetry, and perspectives

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