Remnet Magical Entertainment
Business Address
Huntsville, AL
Business Phone Number
(833) 484-3349
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Andrew Barclay Remnet is a comedy magician/entertainer, author, and traveler. Born and raised in Southern California, he recently relocated to ‘The South’ with his wife and three children. He has multiple character personalities and performs as the following:

For older children and adults, you will see him perform as ‘Just Barclay‘. These shows are filled with audience participation and comedy magic. From senior facilities to special events, his shows bring fun entertainment to any event.

As ‘Mister Porkpie‘, he provides entertainment in the form of magic and comedy at preschools, daycares, libraries and birthday parties to children 2-8 years old.

The DIY Magician finds unwanted items at thrift stores, garage sales, and even discarded items on the side of the road, and then upcycles them into something new and sometimes even useful – such as magical props for him to perform with. Catch his YouTube videos or see him at fairs, festivals and trade shows.

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