MY Designs – Monica Yother
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Lowe Mill, 2211 Seminole Drive
Studio 114 – First Floor
Huntsville, AL 35805
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(256) 520-4134
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Monica Yother is the MY in MY Designs, in case you were wondering. Since 1987 I’ve been designing branding, advertising and marketing materials on a daily basis. That adds up to a lot of experience in creative design. Included in that mix are years of experience as both Marketing Director AND Creative Director, with business development to boot.

I'm an artist, and when I am not designing for clients, I am painting either commissioned works or just because. Thank you for reading about my art below.

Artist Statement

Grace is an amazing word. I believe that Grace has the power to move and transform us, both literally and figuratively.

So what is grace? What does it look like? In a literal sense, there is the physical grace of a dancer or the arched neck of a horse. Other examples that appeal to me include organic shapes found in nature, from the bend of a blade of grass to the shape of a mature oak tree. Patterns created by spider webs lined by dew drops, or a field of wheat at dusk. All of these are examples of grace.

Then there is spiritual grace, which I feel is something beautiful that is unexpected and undeserved; like a second chance. I am drawn to art that is made of repurposed materials, old buildings that are given new life, or discarded objects that find new purpose. I would like to paint these things rather than assemble them. The act of painting or drawing something is for me acting out of this kind of grace.

This is the idea that I am drawn to – compelled by, really. I have experienced grace in my own life, and am continually amazed by it. Grace shines in darkness. Grace is a gift sometimes wrapped in unexpected ways, and very often overlooked. Grace came into my life in a dark time and to this day is the foundation of my faith. Now, when I look back on my life, I can see where Grace was always present, but I simply did not recognize it.

I want my art to explore Grace, celebrate it, and perhaps help someone recognize grace in their own life.

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