JS Taylor Art

Cover of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine 2018
Business or Artist Name: JS Taylor Art
Business Address: 1217-A Indian Creek Rd
Huntsville, AL 35806
Business Phone Number: 931-993-8891
Business Website Address: http://www.jstaylorart.com

My mission is to create a beautiful painting and to be a master of my canvas. I create more than just paint strokes, but a vibrational and joyful connection between subjects, from the background to the foreground, experimenting with texture and lost edges. Every inch of my canvas should be interesting in itself. I do this with a limited color palette, mixing beautiful grays against pure color. Thick strokes are made with palette knives. I love the subtle changes in a subject. Most of my art has been painted or sketched from life. Then, if needed, finished in the studio. 

  • sunsets
  • interiors
  • italian scenes
  • tables capes
  • horses
  • pets