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Treasure Trackers

TREASURE TRACKERS WITH MAGNETIC FORCE Theatre Huntsville’s Panoply 2015 Interactive presented by         Have you ever been to somebody’s house and saw the refrigerator covered in magnets with pictures or places they have visited? How do they stick there? Why are they on the refrigerator and not on the wall? How does […]

Geo Art Lab

THE GEO ART LAB MindGear Lab‘s Panoply 2015 Interactive presented by     The Geo Art Lab explores art through shapes, lines and math. TANGRAMS The tangram is a set of seven flat shapes, called tans, that are put together to make larger shapes, or polygons. The only rules is that you must use all […]

Cosmic Crowns

EXPLORING THE SOLAR SYSTEM A Panoply 2015 Interactive presented by           Many, many years ago there was no sun; there were no planets, there was no Earth or Moon. There was only gas. A lot of it. The gas turned slowly, around and around like a gigantic flat dish. Slowly the […]

Art Bots

CREATING AND CHANGING ART WITH ARTBOTS Sci-Quest, Hands-on Science Center‘s Panoply 2015 Interactive presented by WHAT IS AN ART BOT? An Art Bot motorized contraption that moves in unusual ways and leaves a mark to trace its path. It’s made from simple materials and is based on the idea of motion created by an offset […]

Discover Music

DISCOVER MUSIC THROUGH THE SCIENCE OF SOUND The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Guild‘s 2016 Panoply Interactive presented by:  At the Huntsville Symphony Guild’s Discover Music Interactive, you’ll have a chance to conduct your own experiments and hear a wide variety of sounds different musical instruments can make. But why do instruments sound different? And what is […]

Out of This World Astronaut Helmets

HOW AN ASTRONAUT HELMET WORKS A Panoply 2015 Interactive presented by     Have you ever gone swimming? Put your face in the water? Needed to hold your nose…hold your breath? Why is that? Because you cannot breathe water and you need to breathe to stay alive. You only can breathe air. But people do […]

Military Salute Night returns to Panoply

Friday, April 24th will be the 4th Annual Panoply Military Salute Night, presented by Boeing. Featuring a performance by the U.S. Army Materiel Command Band Sonic Fusion, the evening’s admission will be free to active duty military, Armed Forces reserves and their dependents. Both Friday and Saturday evening will be capped with Fireworks presented by […]